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About IR Procedures and Tests
This is a compendium of all procedures - patient information and case illustrations of all procedures - found on this website and is for readers who wish to obtain as much information on all topics as is possible.
You are shown images of percutaneous biopsies done under image guidance to illustrate the relative simplicity of such procedures over open biopsies and their inherent risks and merits
You are shown illustrative images of percutaneous drainage of body fluid collections that help you understand its technique, risks, and benefits.
You will review examples of embolotherapy, a precise and minimally invasive technique of treating many conditions, from active hemorrhages (gastrointestinal, genitourinary, extremities, splenic, hepatic, etc) to the destruction of tumors, both benign and malignant.
Gastrointestinal interventions
You are shown images of percutaneous gastrointestinal interventions to help you understand how they are done, their merits, and their demerits.
Genitourinary interventions
You will see image-guided interventions on the genitourinary system that you will find informative.
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