Gastrointestinal interventions

Percutaneous gastrostomy. Ken U. Ekechukwu, MD, MPH, FACP.

What is percutaneous gastrostomy? Per is Latin for through. Cutaneous comes from cutis, Latin for skin. Gastro derives from gaster, Greek for stomach. Stomy is from stomatos, Greek for mouth. Thus, ‘percutaneous gastrostomy’ means making a hole (or opening/mouth) in the stomach through the skin. It is the deliberate construction of a track from the skin […]

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Decompressing and stenting obstructed biliary ducts. Ken U. Ekechukwu, MD, MPH, FACP.

What is biliary decompression and stenting? The word biliary derives from the small tubes or canals in the liver called bile ducts that drain bile which the liver makes into the gallbladder and the intestine. These tubes branch out like a tree, with their main stem or trunk running out the liver through the head of the […]

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