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About IR Procedures and Tests
This is a compendium of all procedures - patient information and case illustrations of all procedures - found on this website and is for readers who wish to obtain as much information on all topics as is possible.
Interventional Oncology
You will be presented illustrated descriptions of minimally invasive cancer therapies performed by the writer to help you understand how they are done and their utility in the care of cancer patients
Peripheral arterial interventions
You will see brief illustrations of various arterial interventions with the help of images recorded by the operator during the procedure. They are intended to introduce you to the nature, merits, and demerits of an intervention.
Venous Interventions
You will view illustrated descriptions of venous interventions done by the writer to assist you understand these procedures and their benefits
Who are interventional radiologists?
Who are interventional radiologists? First, let me explain who interventional  radiologists are not: they are not surgeons, radiation oncologists, cardiologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, internists, and so ...
Preparing patients for interventional radiological procedures.
Most interventional radiological (IR) procedures are safe and help patients immensely, but sometimes they are associated with complications. Some complications are inherent to the nature of a procedure, while others are not and are preventable by taking some precautions before, during, and after a procedure.  Here, I offer general guidelines to physicians and ...
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